News! This time it is!

Right! Things move onwards at last!

I’ve received the best offer of a place to lodge and have said yes. It’s since then turned out even better and classes as Fabulous! It’s just down the road, the room is big enough, the family is lovely, the rent is better than cheap, and they’ve offered me a place to store anything I don’t sell.

I’ll probably move in by end of June though this is to be confirmed.

Fabrice on the other hand has slipped & broken his leg. Now in hospital recovering from Sunday’s operation, he’s sleepy & sounding pretty positive. The consequence though is that there will be no moving things from here to there in July, unless we can make up a new plan for later this summer without involving him. Brain in gear! That’s why I’m glad about being offered storage space.

So God comes up trumps after all methinks. The logic therein of course is His not mine. Once that’s accepted, the fact He’s unchanging & everpresent in mind, it’s chocs away!!

Work’s interesting & keeping me entertained. So far so good.


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