Righty ho!

I’m nearly all packed, tomorrow afternoon should see me fully moved into N&S’s spare room, then Saturday morning should see the bulky things and last boxes moved into storage.

A massive massive thank you goes to those who’ve helped me stay sane, be it by helping or keeping me company in some way, or once or twice by getting me out of the house for a breather. All good. Fabrice gets an extra gold star for putting up with tears and frustations, fears and annoyance and staying on the other end of the phone regardless.

Guy’s had his review which confirmed that he’s staying in Bristol.

I’ve packed and weighed in my suitcase for Sunday’s flight to France for my holidays and it’s 20.2kg, leaving me hopeful that 200g is nothing to worry about. I’ll just make sure my hand luggage is under and I can always pull out a couple of T-shirts if need be.
I’m getting way too good at packing cases.
Not as good at boxes. I’ve sorted out less than I needed. I suppose it means I’ll have to sort more when I unpack. The rush of the past few weeks hasn’t given me the time though.

Well, it’s just about bedtime.
I’ve had to say goodnight to my lovely early today and I’m dragging my feet to get up the ladder to sleepy-land. My last night in my loft bed. No-one’s bought it yet. I’m a bit sad about that. But then I suppose it’s what I get for having a big-kid’s bed isn’t it 🙂

I’m tired…


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  1. Amen to the above, lovely Minn. Thanks for the wee card and info the other day, very welcome and timely. The pic on the card is very ‘me’, I think. Would I be right in thinking that a more literal translation of the quote would be ‘Don’t forget to enmarvel yourself’? If so, I can see why it works far better in French.

    Take care, hun.

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