Noël! and other cold moments

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all those nice wishes I didn’t get round to sending.

Well, it’s been freezing here and I’m finally thawing a bit 🙂

December got nice and hectic and then I caught a flu kind of bug/cough/cold and whatnot all that while we went visiting family over Christmas. Fabrice’s cold became bronchitus which was poo and he missed 4 days last week cos of that.

I got a bit of work last week with a temping agency and I’ve got another few hours this week. It’s only little but will help to get me back into the swing of things.  I’ve applied for one job but they want a qualification i don’t have, not even in British-unrecognised form. But we’ll see if experience can play its part… So far, most of the jobs I’d have wanted to go for so far have been for people on a special scheme for getting long term unemployed back to work after months or years. I shouldn’t be picky but I don’t quite fancy pre-school or nursery jobs which are frequent and I may go for something in adult services since that’s next most frequent.
The agency hours have been with adults, so I’m gaining clues as we speak 🙂

Fabrice and I seem to be getting on better and better and finding our ways of doing things, our rhythms and preferences, our habits. We’ve got work to get on with in the flat imminently and it’s teaching us communication and job sharing according to what we do best. It’s also teaching me to watch out for him because I’ve got so many ideas and find 3D and use of space quite easy things whereas they’re simply not naturally Fabrice-friendly concepts. It does get to draw sketches and plans, write lists of materials and do things like drill holes in the wall, which is all good fun.
I’ve done lots of baking and cooking which Fabrice enjoys so I’m a proud chef if ever you knew one. Though I messed up yesterday’s cookies (hmmmm!) even though for once I followed the recipe (I thought). Maybe the butter was too hot. It said ‘soft’ and mine was melted. I forgot it a bit 😛

Oh and I went to a football match with a cousin and survived a few hours in silly temperatures after dark… I’m not sure I’d like to regularly go and shout in such cold.

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  1. Happy New Year to you! Sounds like all is going well: hurrah.

    And congratulations on getting your Carte d’Identité last month.

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