Look what I can do!

See what I’ve learnt to do today:

  1. cats
  2. fish
  3. dogs
  4. mice
  5. foxes
  6. lists of … animals!!!


I’d never bothered figuring it out even though I’d have like to, but Mr Doormouse seemed like the ideal person to ask how to do a little HTML. Also, and more importantly, I now have a domain name and my soon to be website is taking shape. Thank you again, Mrs Doormouse, for reminding me to be in touch.

Becoming an entrepreneur is growing increasingly real as I tick off tiny elements of the long to-do list I’ve been working through and adding to since the beginning of May. I’m  currently procrastinating over a contact letter to the companies I’ve been in touch with previously and thinking about the next job: contacting local translating companies and freelancers and widening my offer of translating and interpreting services. The whole task makes me want to have done a comms degree so I might hide behind official ways of doing things rather than having to improvise.

On my web-travels looking for translators around Lyon I found a young lady who graduated from Swansea Uni and thought of how useful a degree in Welsh would be to translate French into English. If only I’d known!

Oh, to make everyone jealous, breakfast this morning was toasted & buttered French baguette with home made “gelée de pommes”! Fabrice has once more done wonders and I am a very happy jam-taster.

4 thoughts on “Look what I can do!

  1. You should use my translating skills to get things moving. With my perfect French you couldn’t go wrong 🙂

  2. …SO jealous about your breakfast : )
    and it sounds like things are moving quickly and rather smoothly… well done! it’s so good to see you, and i hope you’ll keep us posted as things develop. and good job on the HTML list thingy, too!!!!

  3. Hurrah! Well done on the HTML.

    All the best with the entrepreneuring; and that breakfast does sound yum.

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