Gaining momentum

Well! Good news demands to be shared. I hope you get inspired.

I’ve signed with a business supporting company.
Taken literally, the French ‘couveuse’ is a hatching box, like you’d have for an egg rather than new businesses 🙂 I don’t know of an equivalent in the UK.


I’m writing out my first quote for a client. It’s training (English conversation) rather than interpreting or translation but it could open doors into the company the guy works for. It’s already opening doors (I hope they like me best inside!) to his lady’s company as they’ll soon need interpreters…

The reason I want to share is partly because it’s exciting and partly to remind friends and readers that life is full of (God) appointed moments.

On the last day of my business creation course in December, I walked home rather than catch a bus or metro, a bit winded and on the low I get when leaving a group with whom I’ve spent a compound of time (3 months full time lessons/workshops in this case). I meander round streets I’ve got to know quite well and decide to walk into a little shop I’d spotted called Mulan’s House. The Chinese lady strikes up conversation and we talk about shops, my hair, being foreigners, her linguist son (age 6, 4 languages!), my dual-national background, the fact that I’m working towards setting up business as an interpreter and translator… as I mooch round the shop and see a nice scarf.
Nothing unusual. Another lady walks in and looks around and the shopkeeper strikes up conversation with her too and within about 3 sentences she’s told her that I’m bilingual and the woman has replied that she’s been looking for a course and not found anything satisfying. At this point the shopkeeper half asks me-half tells her that I could maybe give her lessons.

I wasn’t going to say no, right!

So we exchanged numbers and email addresses and this is where things are at:

I have a couple of things to check with the lady’s partner to fill in the training outline and quote so he can draw on his lifelong training allowance, then all being well we’ll start lessons in the second half of this month. We’ll organise and start her lessons in time and she’ll pass on my CV to HR…

I’ve come round to it actually becoming tangible and to completion. It didn’t feel real as I walked home afterwards.

Not bad!

2 thoughts on “Gaining momentum

  1. God does indeed move in mysterious ways!!! Who would think that such things would happen in a small Chinese shop in the city where you can see the Eiffel Tower 🙂

  2. This is very exciting. Yay for you! I am waiting on seeing if my employers would be happy to fund my counselling training, at least to some extent. I hope to hear within the next few weeks. My master plan for escaping into the world of self-employment may be moving out of ‘park’ soon. Hope so 🙂

    Thoughts and prayers with you as you move off in first gear, the open road ahead and a future of possibilities…

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