Let’s do it!

It isn’t fair to keep the good news to myself too long:

I said I’d secured a contract  for conversation lessons.

They’ve started and are going well. My student is getting into the swing of things, happy to learn and seems to be gaining confidence. I know there are likely to be dips in enthusiasm, but, for now, it’s plain sailing on a sunny day with a light breeze.

So, having conscientiously avoided home-work for years, I’m right in there doing and making it. I’m trying to explain things in English rather than French but that’s a work in progress.


The next piece of news is much much more important in my eyes: I have my first translation contract.

Not voluntary work (Each done with pleasure, but ‘thank you’ doesn’t pay the bills, does it?)

Not very big, yet with potential to be a recurring job.

Not passed on by another translator or agency or Dad.

My very own.

A job found by me with a large bit of help from a friend, I’ll admit it, but it feels like the biggest thing in years. And better still: it’s going to be read by a good few people so I’m all the more excited.

Now to do a brilliant piece of work. The bestest I’ve ever done. 😉


Speaking of a little (or large) bit of help from my friends…

Should you think of someone who could benefit from my language services, do tell me, please don’t hesitate: I’d love to know them. Do also tell them about me if you get the chance.

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  1. I don’t know your name – and you don’t know my real name, either. But I could have some work for you – we need to talk. Can you contact me pretty much immediately on the email address I’ve put in the little box? (I write on the Wibsite as Kerensa and my blog is “Lost in Translation”.

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