xml help!

I’m in dire need of some techie help!!

Can ANYONE get their head round XML?? I probably could but am lacking the time.

I need to check what’s wrong with the .xml formatting of a file. I can’t open an essential doc. This is the French message:

Erreur de lecture.
Erreur de format dans le fichier du sous-doc content.xml à la position 2,29604(row,col).

Basically, the error is on row 2 in column 29604 of the content.xml file. I’m working with OmegaT, translation freeware that separates out all the formatting from the text, lets me translate the text and then puts all the formatting back in. Except I must have deleted or altered a bit of xml along the way…

Help Please 🙂

One thought on “xml help!

  1. Ahah!! I am the best, it is official.

    15 minutes flat to sort it with no help whatsoever.

    I’m not at all proud of myself as you can see 🙂
    At all!

    Just a plain methodical “if it opens it must shut” and “if it shuts it must have opened” check right the way down the document.

    I win 🙂

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