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One tooth to go.

Apart from the cute chip earnt when trying to bite a piece out of her grandparents’ parquet floor, Aurore has only one more milk tooth to push out to have her full set of milk-teeth.

Oh! That’s how often I’ve got round to writing! Oops…

I’ve thought of so many things I could share at so many pointless moments. Little one is growing well and too fast and Mr and I are both well, enjoying our work and family life.

The sun has finally thawed the long winter out of our tired bones. Why it has seemed so long, I’m not completely sure, but we are overjoyed we can see the tail end of it.
Lilac in bloom and lilly of the valley sneaking out early in the courtyard… It’s got to be good!

first tooth and other adventures

Well well, over 7 months of motherhood have FLOWN by.

Sorry I missed Christmas. I hope yours was at least as good as ours.


I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy apart from my lower back giving way round about the point we were moving flat… I did manage to paint half the bedroom ceiling before they banned me :p

Her daddy has taken to fatherhood like a duck to water. His were the first hands to hold her. We’d prepared as much as we could, so living the amazing adventure of welcoming her at home ourselves with just a little extra help truly made my day.

Thanks to the marvellous carrying scarf and my super baby who eats and sleeps and babbles happily in there, I’ve been able to get back to translating very easily. I’ve had some great jobs last term. At long last, my students are back for their English lessons which is a welcome change in rhythm. I haven’t finished learning to drive yet though: I don’t get round to organising the necessary trips out and a piercing fog-horn sets off as soon as we get into the car…

Little Star, busy bee
Little Star, busy bee

So 2012: new flat (new phone number + new address), new Baby, new Mama, new Papa, new car… and still my very own time-zone, MNSNT!

Happy New Year!


We’re counting down to 26th June, estimated date when we become a family. So of course, like all sensible people, we’re moving house (flats) over the next 2-4 weeks, with the cleaning, last minutes decorating, packing and unpacking that entails, and of course, as part of the process, selling our flat so we can pay for the new place.

Luckily we don’t have to sell to move.

But hey, when was I ever sensible.

I’m not really one to pass on once in a lifetime opportunities. Being self-employed has proved immensely handy in so many ways even though I’ve done less work than usual lately… Still, with hectic flat selling antics added to getting closer to a beached whale sort of shape, I’m looking forward to 1 June, first day of my maternity leave.



Oh, and I’ll publish something I seem to have started writing around the point when I began my stint of sleeping 12 hours per night with added afternoon siesta. Unsurprisingly 15 hours sleep per 24h was knock n*1 on productivity at work or for anything else…


Ah! The sun’s come out to celebrate.