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thinking of…

The GARAGE: I need to look for a couple of things in storage. Yikes, well, more than a couple, and some of it is buried!! Oh bother..

Work: apparently I’m not assertive enough. Is it my fault I work with martyrs & loud-mouths? Hmmm. Anyhow, joking aside, I like my colleague but bosses are telling me off for not standing up to them and for not putting my foot down enough an getting on with things. I’ve not cracked that egg yet.

Guy: he rang me or rather missed-called me Monday night (was it?) and when I phoned back, first time I’ve spoken to him for months, he asked me for someone’s number and instead of answering my question as to how he was, he hung up. Sigh.

Fabrice: missing him & looking forward to moving.

Maman: is she definitely visiting in a few weeks, if yes, when, and when she arrives, how will I get stuff out of The GARAGE for her to take to France, since Dad’s showing no sign of fetching Guy’s stuff which is blocking mine in…

Selling: Argh!! The worst thing ever at the moment since I need desperately to get rid of furniture which I haven’t got the courage to put up for sale properly and which is blocking my stuff in the other side.

Hemmed in: me, by God; my stuff, by other stuff; my old feather pillows, in old cloth, which I want to make one new case for and make into one new and bigger pillow; my brain, by to-do lists; the world, by stupidly pointless paperwork; utility companies and financial companies, by more useless paperwork and ridiculous and mis-judged security barriers.

Financial companies: they make it straightforward to run up ยฃ1000s of debt but when I want to pay them they need my security password, my date of birth and the number of the back of the credit card I cut up a year or 2 ago, oh, and a letter to say that I’ve moved house and I can’t pay it off anyhow since it’s in the process of being closed so they don’t take automatic payments any more so I have to pay over the counter!!!

Soya lecitin: just had a conversation about how an anti-cholesterol drug is helping slow Alzheimer’s disease and how soya lecitin both fights cholesterol and supports brain function so should be ideal for fighting Alzheimer’s and not getting it in the first place… Done no research on this so of course don’t quote me, I’m just extrapolating…

Surprises: and how incredible God is in all kinds of situations and when I least expect Him to answer my prayers.

and I think that’s all of my thoughts for now…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Back on the treadmill

I’m back for last long hard grind.

I’ve moved. No more house of Cecil. I’m a lodger again for a while.

I’ve had a great holiday with Fabrice. My nephew is as cute as I expected and a strong little babe too and his big brother and sister are as high in energy and fun as ever and then some.

September’s pay will see me pay off the final credit card and free of nasty debts. Until then I’m carrying on with overtime to make sure the process is as fast as possible.

In between shifts, the plan is to sort some of the things which are in some friends’ garage and need selling. I didn’t have the time or energy to put things up for sale properly so I’ve got a clutter of chests of drawers and beds and the like needing a home. If I were rich and famous I’d give them and be done. It’s so tempting to just do that and not bother, but I need new reading glasses ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m missing Fabrice both more and less than usual. The fact that I can soon move to France helps I think, yes it’s good that I’m in the last lap of that race too. It’s easier nowadays to be far away but it doesn’t beat popping down the road together for a pint or a coffee. I’m looking forward to being able to do that without thinking I’ll be back a world away within a few days. I’ll be able to see my nephews and nieces grow and be part of their life regularly. ๐Ÿ™‚

Iliana was 2 last Friday! I had to travel back the day before. No more of that.

There’ll always be people I miss but it comes from being a whole lot of halves and can’t be avoided.

I’m re-reading ‘The Money Secret’. I don’t often re-read books so soon but it was awesome and still is. It could do with being spread as wide as the Bible in this debt-ridden western society of ours. I wanted to refresh it’s truths in my mind. Renewing our mind… Essential!! Absolutely essential. Thank you EA, Rob Parsons and Care for the Family.



I’ve paid off what was the biggest credit card.

It’s all gone, all done, all finished, cleared!!

The silly card people won’t close it or even put a note on there to close it until the money is cleared. But they can procrastinate all they want and do all the annoying things possible, I’ve won and I don’t owe them anything any more!!!