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of the awful and incredible hippo-napping

I have been meaning to … really

I’m losing track of all the things I have enjoyed over the past couple of months which I still haven’t sat down and said anything about.
In short:
it was wonderful having my English and Welsh visitors,
the glorious sunshine under which we’ve been cooking has finally thawed me out of UK temperature-habits,
the beautiful ring and and other presies I got for my birthday and many lovely facebook notes and cards have made me a very happy lady,
and the afternoon in the park, pedal-boat ride and picnic Fabrice and I enjoyed for my birthday were the best ๐Ÿ™‚
VERY happy bunny!
Erm … mouse! ๐Ÿ˜›
Erm … Princess!

Also, a much needed update on my brothers:
Dan is plodding on along his upward road to better and is currently on holiday down south with Maman.
Guy has FINALLY moved from Dotty P’s to a better placement. He has a room he chose and likes in a house he asked for with staff he seems to appreciate. It’s closer for Dad (on their side of Brum) and to our cousins which is good too. A private trust, different from the last one. We’re not home and dry yet by far but WOW am I glad the replacement social worker and the hospital staff who took to Guy have achieved the work his social worker was putting off and talking about… Dotty P’s was a sad place but some of the workers there are bright shining stars!

I’ll have a try at figuring out how to put photos up… I want to show off the sliding wardrobe doors I put last week ๐Ÿ˜›
Oh, and photos of the lamas in the field under the tree-house we stayed in for a break in July. That was most fabulous. It’s all the craze over here at the moment (that and camping in teepees).

We go on a well earned week’s holiday this Friday, on the night-train to Biarritz. Well kinda cos it doesn’t actually stop there, I thought I’d show off about going to the surfing capital of France anyhow ๐Ÿ™‚

a whole month putting it off, and then some

You’d think that seeing as I’m looking for work I’d take time to stop and write a few blog entries once in a while ๐Ÿ™‚ You should be so lucky… And that’s in spite of Fabrice’s efforts to encourage me to get round to it. He’s been reminding me and making jokes about me not writing since before we went away.

Fabrice took us both on holiday to Strasbourg first week of February and I still haven’t got round to saying anything about the lovely week we had in one of the most picturesque areas of France.

I’m still looking for a job and it’s looking like a long haul because everywhere either says ‘No, you haven’t got the qualification’ or ‘ No, but we’ll keep your CV in case something comes up’. I do prefer the second answer by far but it has no consequence short term.

I’m low on agency work this week so far and I’ve caught a cold/sore throat so I’m happilly staying in to carry on decorating the entrance hall and catching up a little on the job-searching I didn’t get time to do last week. It’s been long enough I haven’t done many hours per week that last week’s 32h killed me dead! I was so tired by Friday, it became a joke and i forgot loads of things I was meant to do. This week’s main missions are as follows: this afternoon I get ID photos taken and put in the application for my French Carte d’Identitรฉ, tomorrow evening we go and get a French mobile and SIM (has to be on a prepaid contract cos you don’t have cheap pay&go options here!) and finally I have to take the odd form I got from the UK expats social services/national insurance dept and give it to the French equivalent office, hoping that what the form contains is what the CAF need to know, fact of which I am really very unsure.

Oh, a little news on Guy, who is still back in the hospital and seems to be doing nearly ok. He’s been given some info by a protected housing co in the Midlands and has to think about it. The social worker and hospital still seem to find it impossible to keep Maman informed and I’m not sure Dad knows much more either. Maman got this news from Guy when she last rang him. I think she’s been trying to get in touch with sw or hospital to complete the picture but it’s not an easy task.

Well well, I’ve got a cup of coffee going cold and it needs some attention ๐Ÿ™‚

Counting down!!

Right, with credit cards out of the way, I’ve been focusing on lots of other stuff.

I’ve handed in my NOTICE at work to finish on the 25th. That’s in 3 weeks this afternoon! It is now just about time to start the “Countdown to France”. Some fabulous friends and family are helping out.

The plan for the MOVE is coming together. I’m being all efficient and organisey and so far it goes thus:

Lovely Sister and her partner are loaning me their garage’s hire van.

Stupendous D is lending me her only husband (with his Perfect French) who is going to fetch the van and pick up my Maman.

Myself and a handpicked couple of helpers will load the van so I can relax that nothing in there will budge or break.

My Marvellous Maman is chipping in again, after surviving this summer’s drive, and getting the full van to “Bon Port” with me in it too.

I’m sure there’ll be more to it in some shape or form by the time moving happens, especially as I’ve been asked by a friend whether someone they know could borrow the spare space in the van & pay me part of the cost of moving for us to drop some furniture off partway down for their ‘gite’. Could be interesting!

Offers have come from far and wide for help and it’s grand to be reminded of people’s SUPPORT. It’s also fun thinking of all the people who are already eager to VISIT. Fabulous stuff. I don’t know where put you when you visit but it’ll be awesome to catch up all the same ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been trying to keep warm. Goodness… Everyone knows the weather has been miserable over the summer but this sudden COLD? Yikes! It makes any days of beautiful SUNSHINE we’ve felt fade into misty memories.

So today, I tried on my latest CREATION. Something else I’ve been up to, due to management not allowing us to do as much overtime, is sewing. My friends T and D are getting married this December… in Lapland!! Sadly it’s way out of my budget, else I’d be a bridesmaid, but failing that, I’ve been hard at work making the ladies in the party some awesomely warm an fluffy CAPES. I’ve done 99% of the stitching of the bridesmaid’s cape and tried it on to show Fabrice. I’m so proud of my work. I sort of knew I could do it, but the fact I’ve done it is greater yet. Wowey! And I was so very very warm in it which is what they’re for. Hehe! I now have to carry on with the second one.

Capes aren’t the only thing I’ve been sewing.

I’ve started making material shopping BAGS to do something straight forward between stages of cape creation.

I’ve repaired lots of bits & bobs. The bits are mostly mine. Amongst the bobs were a number of my mates’ Colyn’s shorts which we sorted because they’re moving house too and one afternoon we went through their whole wardrobe sorting out bags to keep or take to a charity shop. We did giggle…

My BELOVED is still doing his best to not get too bored of the 4 walls of the flat and his leg is healing slowly. He may not believe me but he’s really brave & doing very well. I get to hear about the Terry Pratchett books for which he’s been raiding the local library. Those are in French. I’ve found lots on the market over here for us to read in English.

If anyone has any spares or spots any, do give me a shout. I’ve written the list of those I’ve already bought.

GUY’s back here in the same ward as before. Bristol didn’t work out. Maybe in a year or 2. But I’m not sure he’ll move forwards where he is at the moment. I’m not happy with some of the work lacking where his social worker is concerned. I think he could have been supported better and some essential paperwork didn’t get done. It speaks to me of not giving a monkeys about him and not being bothered to do things properly.
He needs all the PRAYers we can give and then some. Once I’ve moved at the end of this month there will be noone up here for him. I did HOPE some one would draw alongside him and get a heart for him in all this which would help rebuild his worth a little. I don’t hope much on that now. We somehow need to sort out a move to near Dad’s.
I’m not sure what to ask for.

I’ve not been able to visit him yet since he’s arrive back up here and I’d like to. I’m not sure how he’ll welcome me. Pray I take courage and go.

I’ve not yet got a JOB in France. Now van plans are settled I should gain free brain space to face the all-scary CV overhaul & translation. I’ve not yet worked in France. I’m simultaneously at peace and majorly worried. My CV is essential!

Marathon over. It is 4 weeks worth of wanting to write and not getting to for many reasons.



thinking of…

The GARAGE: I need to look for a couple of things in storage. Yikes, well, more than a couple, and some of it is buried!! Oh bother..

Work: apparently I’m not assertive enough. Is it my fault I work with martyrs & loud-mouths? Hmmm. Anyhow, joking aside, I like my colleague but bosses are telling me off for not standing up to them and for not putting my foot down enough an getting on with things. I’ve not cracked that egg yet.

Guy: he rang me or rather missed-called me Monday night (was it?) and when I phoned back, first time I’ve spoken to him for months, he asked me for someone’s number and instead of answering my question as to how he was, he hung up. Sigh.

Fabrice: missing him & looking forward to moving.

Maman: is she definitely visiting in a few weeks, if yes, when, and when she arrives, how will I get stuff out of The GARAGE for her to take to France, since Dad’s showing no sign of fetching Guy’s stuff which is blocking mine in…

Selling: Argh!! The worst thing ever at the moment since I need desperately to get rid of furniture which I haven’t got the courage to put up for sale properly and which is blocking my stuff in the other side.

Hemmed in: me, by God; my stuff, by other stuff; my old feather pillows, in old cloth, which I want to make one new case for and make into one new and bigger pillow; my brain, by to-do lists; the world, by stupidly pointless paperwork; utility companies and financial companies, by more useless paperwork and ridiculous and mis-judged security barriers.

Financial companies: they make it straightforward to run up ยฃ1000s of debt but when I want to pay them they need my security password, my date of birth and the number of the back of the credit card I cut up a year or 2 ago, oh, and a letter to say that I’ve moved house and I can’t pay it off anyhow since it’s in the process of being closed so they don’t take automatic payments any more so I have to pay over the counter!!!

Soya lecitin: just had a conversation about how an anti-cholesterol drug is helping slow Alzheimer’s disease and how soya lecitin both fights cholesterol and supports brain function so should be ideal for fighting Alzheimer’s and not getting it in the first place… Done no research on this so of course don’t quote me, I’m just extrapolating…

Surprises: and how incredible God is in all kinds of situations and when I least expect Him to answer my prayers.

and I think that’s all of my thoughts for now…. ๐Ÿ™‚