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Westward ho?? Not on the coach though.

Not right now…

I’m sad to say I didn’t get the job. It was a very exciting time and both Fabrice and I would have loved to move to such a beautiful town, but Bordeaux is not for now. I can’t say I’m not sad, but I know there’s so much of Lyon and the area yet to discover and I’m quite glad to stay near my sister and her kids, so I’ll survive. Also, having little choice now but to go freelance, that’ll keep me out of trouble I’m sure. Fabrice is the one who most needed the change I suppose and I think he’s far more disappointed than I am.

We spent this week on holiday there visiting and discovering the town, the area, the wine, and we enjoyed that and the sun which warmed each day in spite of the nippy wind.

There’re proportionally more British tourists and expats in Bordeaux than in Lyon, probably because of the wine and the sea.

Tuesday was spent on the beach in Arcachon, lovely long sandy… then St Émilion on Wednesday afternoon and Château Pape Clément on Friday afternoon. The rest of the time we mostly trod the majestic streets of Bordeaux, noses in the air and  sun on our backs and found many nice places to eat and stop a while.

Round TWO!

I’ve had a reply inviting me to the second interview. It’ll be 29th march and I yet have to book my train ticket to confirm the time.

I’m mighty excited.

Oh, by the way, I admit it, I’m trying to get the job simply because of the beautiful lamposts on the bridge.

Now to get dressed and have breakfast in time to get to a mock driving theory test in town… Chocks away!

building castles in Spain… erm… Bordeaux

Sounds OK doesn’t it, as long as you forget that it’s one large swamp they’ve built on 🙂

What a beautiful city!! I’ve said that about ten times or more in the past 30 hours and could carry on. I spent most of my journey from the large stone and ironworks station to the interview with my nose in the air. Think of Bath and Leamington Spa and you’ll have an idea of the kind of majestic buildings I admired (without walking into any walls or people).
I’m not kidding about the swamp bit though. The cathedral is built on wooden pillars so I suppose you could say it floats on the swamp in a way. 😛 I love the picture of a very large stone building like a cathedral ‘floating’.

The interview went well as far as I can guess, with a number of things on my side, like the fact that out of the 20 interviewees I was the only ‘anglophone’ from birth and the only one to have spent half my life on either side of the channel. I want to be one of the 5 to be told on Tuesday ‘come back for round 2’! God knows I had enough time to make plans off the tail of a comet during the 7 hour journey home today plus the time I took to fall asleep last night.

I love the idea of a nicely paid open-ended contract doing one of the things I enjoy most and haven’t really got round to yet, with all the training I can ask for and all the guidance 3 translators (2 Rosbeef and 1 Frog) can give who’ve been at the game for over 15 years.

And then it’s **** scary because I’m in the middle of doing my driving theory, have only just settled into all my little Lyon routines and am not quite sure I want to move miles away from the little people when I’ve not long managed to move close to them.

There, that’s about it, apart from the test/transition period ( I will make a nest in my pocket for my lovely to travel with me during that time), finding a new house (seeing the buildings make that great but scarier), Fabrice getting a new job (in a time of crisis), seeking out the markets and shops to get all the yummy things imaginable and all those other practical things.

Here’s a toast to castles in Bordeaux (Oh Yes!! I’ll be 1st taster) and comet-tail plans!!

Bring on Tuesday so I know a little more.