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I have been meaning to … really

I’m losing track of all the things I have enjoyed over the past couple of months which I still haven’t sat down and said anything about.
In short:
it was wonderful having my English and Welsh visitors,
the glorious sunshine under which we’ve been cooking has finally thawed me out of UK temperature-habits,
the beautiful ring and and other presies I got for my birthday and many lovely facebook notes and cards have made me a very happy lady,
and the afternoon in the park, pedal-boat ride and picnic Fabrice and I enjoyed for my birthday were the best πŸ™‚
VERY happy bunny!
Erm … mouse! πŸ˜›
Erm … Princess!

Also, a much needed update on my brothers:
Dan is plodding on along his upward road to better and is currently on holiday down south with Maman.
Guy has FINALLY moved from Dotty P’s to a better placement. He has a room he chose and likes in a house he asked for with staff he seems to appreciate. It’s closer for Dad (on their side of Brum) and to our cousins which is good too. A private trust, different from the last one. We’re not home and dry yet by far but WOW am I glad the replacement social worker and the hospital staff who took to Guy have achieved the work his social worker was putting off and talking about… Dotty P’s was a sad place but some of the workers there are bright shining stars!

I’ll have a try at figuring out how to put photos up… I want to show off the sliding wardrobe doors I put last week πŸ˜›
Oh, and photos of the lamas in the field under the tree-house we stayed in for a break in July. That was most fabulous. It’s all the craze over here at the moment (that and camping in teepees).

We go on a well earned week’s holiday this Friday, on the night-train to Biarritz. Well kinda cos it doesn’t actually stop there, I thought I’d show off about going to the surfing capital of France anyhow πŸ™‚

friends, mac and work

Well, it was brilliant and a little weird receiving friends in a new home town and a new country. I have to admit it.
Speaking mostly English for an afternoon and laughing lots was good. Dith and Jeff, it was wonderful seeing you both. Fabrice had a great afternoon when his brain wasn’t frying from ‘too much perfect English’ and he loved Jeff’s perfect French, so who could ask for more.

I finally made it down the mac shop a couple of weeks ago to ask them about a French power cable for my iMac since there’s no sign of them selling any on either .fr or .uk apple stores! I had a lovely surprise really. The guy said he didn’t have any but rang the repairs bloke who’s based round the corner and when I got there the bloke simply pulled out a new cable from under his counter and gave it to me.
Moi (in French): “Wow! Are you serious!”
Mac Man (in French, grining): ” Yes. That’s what we’re like here.”
And I walked home a very happy lady and now have a spare transformer plug and UK mac mains cable.

Work’s coming on ok but without much hope of anything permanent for a while yet. I finished a very nice month in the day-centre and had 16 hours last week in a day and then a housing centre. This week I’ve got 35 hours in housing places based next to last month’s centre… Which means I have an hour there and the same back, twice a day… Next week, so far, nothing.
I’m a little impatient for the appointment I have at the end of the month to start the process of validating my UK qualifications into the French diploma in social care.

Fabrice and I watched Monty Python’s Holy Grail on Saturday. I’d never seen it whole though I’d seen most scenes and heard about them over the years… Beware the taunting, my Lovely French Man has renewed his weapon store πŸ˜›

work and play

It’s been ages since I last sat down long enough in front of this dear mac to do more than check a few mails and occasionally reply.

Throughout April I worked over 150 hours, mostly for the agency, which amounts to a full time job. In March already I’d done about 100h. This month should be over 130h. I’m getting into the swing of daytime hours with a month-long contract working roughly a 9-5.

Time really does fly. I’ve seen my sister and her little ones a few times, including them all visiting to drop Maman off before she returned south from spending a good holiday with them. Fabrice and I saw Maman twice while she was here. Both occasions were lovely calm times at my sister’s but while they’d gone away for the weekend.

In between, various friends have invited us for a meal or two and a birthday party and we’ve visited Fabrice’s parents pretty regularly. I have to say we do ok for food over here both with nice fresh stuff to buy and loads of good restaurants all over the place which are quite affordable. My cooking skills are improving no end as Fabrice finds me new recipies to try out too πŸ™‚

I’ve got visitors coming soon from Wales and this summer from Wales and the UK. I’m very eager to see everyone πŸ™‚

RIght, it’s just about time to eat so I’ll shut up and post this.